WLAN RFI Questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to fully understand the scope on which WLAN services you are requesting and to define the technical requirements involved with this specific service.

This information gathering step is crucial to the success of the overall Wi-Fi deployment.

Confidentiality Statement

All information, data, and drawings embodied in this questionnaire are strictly confidential and handled with the understanding that they will be held confidential and not disclosed to third parties without the prior written consent of the supplier of the content.

Network Integrator Contact Details

If not applicable, please fill in your own contact details

Project Details

If applicable, please define a reference name for the project.
Please define the onsite contact details, if not known please note "pending"

The WLAN Deployment Model

The WLAN Deployment model ensures the right solution for your Wi-Fi business case. We can handle every step, from the start of your WLAN project concerning RF design, installation, validation, and optimization, keeping your wireless network healthy and ensuring an optimal user experience for all your wireless clients.

Multiple services are available for selection.
Please check out our website www.skylinenetworks.eu for more information about all our WLAN services!

Site Information

Define the type of coverage areas. (Choose all that apply):
If you have some additional info that might be of interrest to us, please share!
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