Predictive WLAN RF Design

This WLAN Deployment model ensures the right solution for your business. We can assist you in every step, from the start of the WLAN RF design to installation, validation, optimization, and auditing to keep your wireless network healthy and ensuring an optimal user experience for all wireless clients.

Predictive WLAN RF Design (off-premises)

Sometimes a Wi-Fi project needs to be designed or budgeted while the building is still under construction or hasn’t built yet. In this case, the only way to forecast or estimate the number of access points and cabling drops is to perform a Predictive WLAN RF design.

For this type of WLAN RF Design, the information gathering part is even more critical. Besides the info towards the WLAN requirements, we also need extra information regarding the type of walls, doors, and other RF blocking objects used in this building infrastructure. This off-premises WLAN RF Design, where we import the floor plans in our RF modeling software (Ekahau ESS). Based on the gathered information from the RFI questionnaire in combination with our RF experience out of the field, we can comfortably design an RF model that will reflect a realistic onsite WLAN RF design.

When do you need a predictive WLAN RF Design?

  • you want a Wi-Fi audit, and your building or site hasn’t been built yet
  • you want a Wi-Fi audit in a budgetary phase
  • you want to perform the WLAN RF design phase in two steps, starting with a predictive before construction of the building, so that during the construction phase most cabling can be installed. With step two (when the building is almost competed) correct AP location is measured with an on-premises WLAN RF Design. 

Please take note: We highly recommend performing Verification WLAN RF Design after each Predictive WLAN RF Design when your Wi-Fi requirements are business-critical.

Prerequisites and Deliverables!

The following topics are standard minimum deliverables and the prerequisites for a predictive pre-installation WLAN RF design (Wi-Fi site survey).


  • WLAN Requirements (RFI questionnaire)
  • Up to date ground plans
  • Information regarding; wall types, ceiling heights, and AP installation restrictions


  • Bill Of Materials – A kit-list for the access points, antennas, and mounting accessories (if applicable).
  • The scope of the survey (WLAN Requirements)
  • RF Design Analyses
    • Signal Strength, Primary Signal (simulated heat maps)
    • Signal Overlap, Secondary Signal (simulated heat maps)
    • High Density/ Capacity RF Modeling (if applicable)
  • Installation Report
    • Configuration recommendations (basic guidelines)
    • Access point installation Matrix
    • Access point layout on ground plans

What can you expect from this service?

The Predictive WLAN RF Design Report documents all the data from the RF model, which includes (kit-list, scope description, measurement procedures, access point locations (without photos), and basic RF configuration recommendations. 

Take note that no non-Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi interference data is available in this report.

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