Universal, indoor, airborne, Skymount-air-Uplate-Patch

This Skymount-air-Uplate-Patch can be used with all types of access points (external antennas) that support ceiling grid clips or wall mount brackets.

This mounting accessory can be useful in a warehouse, production or high ceiling area. It will hang by chains from the ceiling, beam or other structures so that the access point and the patch antenna can be installed and directed in an optimal location (free from obstructions) which will improve overall signal quality.

Some additional holes may need to be drilled when different types of external antennas or wall brackets will be used.

The access point needs to be mounted to the mounting accessory with a ceiling clip or wall bracket.

Deliverables mounting accessory

  • Skymount-air-Uplate-Patch
  • Airborne Mounting Kit (5m Chains, Standard)
  • Skyacc-Support-Patch


  • Airborne Mounting Kit XL => 10m Chains

Note: If the mounting accessory needs to be lowered down more then 5m from the ceiling, please order the Airborne Mounting Kit XL.

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