Universal, Indoor & Outdoor

Can be used with all types of indoor access points that support wall mount brackets.

This airborne weatherproof mounting accessory is mostly used to install indoor access points in areas like outdoor, freezer or moist environments,  It will hang by chains from the ceiling, beam or other structures so that the weatherproof mounting accessory can be installed and directed in an optimal location which will improve overall signal quality, make sure that all additional made holes are sealed off.

This weatherproof mounting accessory can be installed on the ceiling with chains.



Grey polyester, RAL 7035, IP66, dimensions 400x300x206.



Access point needs to be installed vertically, make sure that you use an access point width external antennas that can be bent vertically

Access point with internal antennas cannot be installed horizontally!


Deliverables mounting accessory

  • Skymount-WPENCL-AIR
  • Airborne Mounting Kit (m Chains, Standard)



  • Skyacc-WPENCL-H => Heating Module (heater, Thermostat)
  • Skyacc-KeyLock => Key-lock module
  • Airborne Mounting Kit XL => 10m Chains

Deliverables mounting accessory

  • Skymount-WPENCL-AIR
  • Access Point not included!
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