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The WLAN Deployment model ensures the right solution for your business and is a blueprint of the process on how to deploy a Wi-Fi network. We can assist you in every step, from the start of the WLAN RF design to installation, validation, optimization, and auditing to keep your wireless network healthy and ensuring an optimal user experience for all wireless clients.


Onsite WLAN RF Design

The onsite pre-install WLAN RF design is what we call a hybrid WLAN site survey and is the recommended method for pre-installation WLAN RF Design. One of our WLAN engineers performs APoS (AP on a stick) measurements onsite, which include attenuation measurements of all existing RF blocking objects like walls, glass, machines, and others. We process the measured data in a professional RF modeling software (Ekahau ESS), which creates an RF model of your building infrastructure. 

In this realistic RF model, we can start the WLAN RF design process by placing access points on specific locations so that we meet all the requested WLAN requirements.

During this on-premises RF Design process, we validate multiple access point locations for accuracy with live measurements towards the strictest supported Wi-Fi device/application for each frequency band.

We also run non-Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi interference audits so that in case of detected interference, actions can be made proactively before the WLAN deployment.

When do you need an Onsite WLAN RF Design?

  • When you need an onsite study (Wi-Fi Survey) in an existing building or site based on the needs of your Wi-Fi use/ business case

Please take note: We highly recommend performing Verification WLAN RF Design after each WLAN RF Design when your Wi-Fi requirements are business-critical.

Prerequisites and Deliverables!


  • WLAN Requirements (RFI questionnaire)
  • Up to date ground plans
  • Access to all defined coverage areas when we are onsite


  • Bill Of Materials – A kit-list for the access points, antennas and mounting accessories (if applicable).
  • The scope of the survey (WLAN requirements)
  • Interference analyses
    • Spectrum analysis (non-Wi-Fi interference)
    • Wi-Fi interference
  • RF Design Analyses (with Heat Maps)
    • Signal Strength (Primary Signal)
    • Signal Overlap, Secondary Signal (if applicable)
    • High Density/ Capacity RF Modeling (if applicable)
  • Installation Report
    • Configuration recommendations (basic guidelines)
    • Access Point installation Matrix
    • Access Point layout on ground plans
    • Access Point mounting instructions (with photo’s/AP)

What can you expect from this service?

The WLAN RF Design Report documents all the gathered measured data, which includes (kit-list, scope description, measurement procedures, access point locations with photos, and basic RF configuration recommendations).

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