The WLAN Deployment Model

The WLAN Deployment model ensures the right solution for your business and is a blueprint for deploying a Wi-Fi network. We can assist you in every step, from the start of the WLAN RF design to installation, validation, optimization, and auditing, to keep your wireless network healthy and ensure an optimal user experience for all wireless clients.

Verification WLAN RF Design

The Verification WLAN RF Design is the third stage of the WLAN deployment model, although this stage is sometimes overlooked or not budgeted in the project’s overall scope. It’s one of the most crucial steps of the Wi-Fi design process. After the RF design and installation of the access points, the WLAN RF needs to be tested – or, better put, verified. Just as cabling gets tested after it is installed, so should the RF environment of your Wi-Fi. This step verifies that all WLAN RF requirements are met after the installation phase.

Use Case:

  • The third phase of the WLAN Deployment model is the verification of the following:
    • The WLAN RF Design (primary & secondary signal)
    • Correct installation of the access points/antennas
    • Fine-tuning of the RF parameters (TX powers, RF profiles, and capacity if applicable)
  • WLAN Troubleshooting (RF, Layer One)

Onsite Verification Activities:

  • Local Kick-Off meeting (small scope overview before startup)
  • RF interference measurements (Non-Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi)
  • Visual inspection of the installed access points and antennas
  • Passive Wi-Fi survey and analyses to validate the existing Wi-Fi deployment in the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz band
  • Wi-Fi RF remodeling (if applicable)
  • Photo round (if applicable)

Report Deliverables:

  • Executive Summary
  • Scope description
  • Visual inspection of installed access points and antennas
  • Results RF interference analyses (Wi-Fi & non-Wi-Fi)
  • Results from the existing Wi-Fi environment in the 2.4GHz band (As-Is Heat Maps)
  • Results from the existing Wi-Fi environment in the 5GHz band (As-Is Heat Maps)
  • Results from the existing Wi-Fi environment in the 6GHz band (As-Is Heat Maps, if applicable)
  • Action plan (if applicable)
  • Optimization RF configuration parameters
  • Remodel actions


Technical project overview in a Teams session.

  • Verification survey procedures
  • Scope overview
  • Kit list
  • Installation proposals
  • Configuration proposals
  • Q&A


Added Value

The Verification WLAN RF Design Data (Report + Ekahau file) has added value to your project. With the gathered data, we can consult you for the following:

As-Built Document

The as-built document will show how the actual RF environment aligns with the predetermined thresholds it was designed for. The data can be used further down the line when troubleshooting different Wi-Fi problems, the RF (Layer 1) can be ruled out, and troubleshooting can start on the upper layers.

Deploying New Client Devices

Analyzing the already gathered data in the Ekahau file, we can check new client devices to see if the current WLAN RF is adequate to support them. This analysis can be a tremendous added value in cases when:

  • Validating support of a new wireless device before purchase
  • Before purchase, determine the best-performing device (RF-wise) for your deployed Wi-Fi network when multiple options exist

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