Wyebot’s Autonomic Wi-Fi Assurance begins with vendor-agnostic, market-leading sensor technology monitoring and performing computational analysis on all wireless activity, including non-Wi-Fi sources. Using Artificial Intelligence and edge computing, sensors perform real-time activity analysis. Pertinent events are sent to the cloud infrastructure over a secure MQTT connection. Once in the cloud, the AI-based engines execute advanced “big data” algorithms, performing long-term pattern recognition, fingerprinting, and behavioral profiling.

The results from this 24/7 real-time data collection, analysis, and pattern recognition are displayed on a dashboard providing a complete, easy-to-understand status on the state of your network, any problems detected, and actionable solutions. Our suite of 9 network tests enhances this proactive monitoring. These remote tests are run manually or scheduled, allowing clients to diagnose and troubleshoot network issues from any location. If historical information is needed, whether, from last night or last week, WIP’s user interface allows clients to “go back in time” with an analysis of past test results and network health. Our clients always know the service quality of a network and have actionable intelligence to optimize that quality at any time.

The Wyebot Wireless Intelligence Platform is changing the world of Wi-Fi analytics. It’s autonomic, it’s proactive, and it’s eliminating your WiFi worries. Never again view your wireless network as a mystery.


  • Save up to 90% in Mean-Time-to-Resolution
  • Reduce Wi-Fi problem tickets by more than 50%
  • Reduce remote site visits by up to 80%


  • Capture and analyze data
  • Automatically produce actionable intelligence using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Support for WiFi 6 (802.11ax) technology


  • A suite of 9 Network Tests runs over
  • Wired and Wireless NetworksRemotely diagnose and troubleshoot
  • Copy tests across locations and SSIDs


  • Data collected 24/7
  • Review historical data on user interface
  • Classification of APs and Clients via device fingerprinting

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