WLAN RF Design

Information Gathering

Before we can start the WLAN RF Design process, we need some vital information regarding the use-case/business-case of your Wi-Fi project. This information gathering process is the crucial phase where we define the scope of the project.
Once we gathered the information, we can adequately start the RF design process foreseeing all the customer’s expectations and future needs for the new WLAN infrastructure.

RFI Questionnaire WLAN Services.

To gather all this information, we provide you with a Request For Information (RFI) questionnaire, where you can easily fill in all the essential information to gain insight into the scope of your Wi-Fi project.
No worries, it will only take 5 minutes and if it’s too technical, do not hesitate to contact us, as we are more than happy to guide you through the questionnaire!

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WLAN RF Design


We provide two types of “pre-installation” WLAN RF design services, depending on the needs of the WLAN project.

WLAN RF DESIGN (on-premises)

The onsite pre-install WLAN RF design is what we call a hybrid WLAN site survey and is the recommended method for pre-installation WLAN RF Design. One of our WLAN engineers will perform APoS (AP on a stick) measurements on-premises, which include attenuation measurements of all existing RF blocking objects like walls, glass, machines, etc. We process the measured data in a professional RF modeling software (Ekahau ESS), which will create an RF model of your building infrastructure. In this realistic RF model, we can start the RF design process by placing access points on specific locations so that we meet all the requested WLAN requirements.
During this on-premises RF Design process, we validate multiple access point locations for accuracy with live measurements towards the strictest supported Wi-Fi device for each frequency band.
During this onsite WLAN survey, we also run non-Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi interference audits so that in case of detected interference, actions can be made proactively before the WLAN deployment.
We document all this data as a kit list, scope description, procedures measurements, access point locations with photos in a detailed report.

Please take note: We highly recommend performing Verification WLAN RF Design after each WLAN RF Design when your Wi-Fi requirements are business-critical.



Sometimes a Wi-Fi project needs to be designed or budgeted while the building is still under construction or hasn’t built yet. In this case, the only way to forecast or estimate the number of access points and cabling drops is to perform a Predictive WLAN RF design.
For this type of WLAN RF Design, the information gathering part is even more critical. Besides the info towards the WLAN requirements, we also need extra information regarding the type of walls, doors, and other RF blocking objects used in this building infrastructure. This off-premises WLAN RF Design, where we import the floor plans in our RF modeling software (Ekahau ESS). Based on the gathered information from the RFI questionnaire in combination with our RF experience out of the field, we can comfortably design an RF model that will reflect a realistic onsite WLAN RF design.

Please take note: We highly recommend performing Verification WLAN RF Design after each Predictive WLAN RF Design when your Wi-Fi requirements are business-critical.

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