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Professional Wi-Fi services, we consult our customers in every step of the WLAN Deployment Model.

"The WLAN requirements and building infrastructure will dictate the number of access points. " ―

"WLAN RF Design is not a one-shot deal, it's a process! " ―

"Budget for at least the first 3 stages of the WLAN Deployment Model!" ―

"Signal Strength (bars) does not tell you the health of your Wi-Fi Network! " ―

"Always perform a Verification WLAN RF Design if your Wi-Fi project is business critical!" ―

"WLAN RF Design starts with Information gathering!" ―

"Use the correct access point and antenna for each specific RF environment! " ―


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The WLAN Deployment Model

The WLAN deployment model is our recommended deployment strategy for designing, deploying, validating, optimizing, and maintaining a professional, high-performance, and reliable Wi-Fi network.

We offer WLAN services for all enterprise Wi-Fi vendors!

Mounting Accessories

We are happy to consult you on specific mounting accessories and antenna types for all enterprise access points. Wi-Fi vendors do not offer mounting brackets for each type of scenario but provide ceiling and wall mounting options, although some situations need some more specific mounting options.
We can provide mounting accessories for most types of situations so that you can install the access point or antenna in that specific location where you want it.
If you need a specific custom-made mounting accessory, let us know!

We have partnered up with Neo Wireless SL for all Wi-Fi mounting accessories and third-party antennas. With our partnership, we can improve the quality of our services in all your future Wi-Fi endeavors.

NEO Wireless SL has a distribution center in Belgium; and distributes MNT ACC products worldwide.

For more information, please visit: www.neowireless.eu



Wireless Backhauls



Get the most reliable long or small-range wireless backhaul Point to Point solution.

PtP Wireless Link


Get the most reliable long or small-range wireless backhaul Point to Multipoint solution.

PtM wireless Link

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EMF Health & Safety Audit

Our EMF Health & Safety audits will analyze if your work-space environment complies with either European or regional legislation, regarding electromagnetic field exposure towards the human body.

There is more in the spectrum then Wi-Fi!


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Stats & Numbers

We’ve been quite busy since our startup in April 2012, here, you can find some numbers on our involvement in Wi-Fi projects worldwide.

The numbers are updated every quarter.


Overall Wi-Fi projects
since startup


Wi-Fi Projects
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International Wi-Fi Projects
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Wi-Fi is Voodoo!


Voodoo – an invisible magical force obtained by a sequence of rituals! Quite often, we hear the term bad Wi-Fi,…


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