Verification WLAN RF Design

The WLAN Deployment model ensures the right solution for your business and is a blueprint for deploying a Wi-Fi network. We can assist you in every step, from the start of the WLAN RF design to installation, validation, optimization, and auditing to keep your wireless network healthy and ensuring an optimal user experience for all wireless clients.

Troubleshooting (Layer 1)

WLAN troubleshooting starts at Layer 1. We highly recommend a Verification WLAN RF Design as the first step in the WLAN troubleshooting process.
The troubleshooting area can be a specific area or floor or the whole site. The analysis results from this WLAN site survey will give us a better insight if the reported problems are RF (layer-1) related.

When do you need this service?

  • You experience issues on your Wi-Fi network!

Prerequisites and Deliverables!

The following topics are the prerequisites and the deliverables for a Verification WLAN RF design (troubleshooting Layer 1).


  • Up to date floor plans (issue area)
  • Access to the issue area during the on-premises measurements
  • Make sure that the “AP Name” is broadcasted in the beacons of ALL configured SSID’s (also hidden)
  • List of current TX-power settings of the active radio’s in the issue area.
  • During the onsite measurements, we need two wireless devices (with reported issues) at our disposal 


  • Interference Analyses (issue area)
    • Spectrum analysis (non-Wi-Fi interference)
    • Wi-Fi interference
  • RF Design Analyses (issue area)
    • Visual inspection (AP installation check-up)
    • Signal Strength, Primary Signal (heat maps based on the strictest supported device and application)
    • Signal Overlap, Secondary Signal (heat maps based on the strictest supported device and application)
    • High Density/Capacity validation (based on the capacity forecast, if applicable)
    • Co-Channel Contention validation (heat maps based on same channel overlap
  • Recommendations & action plan (issue area)
    • Overall conclusion for all deliverables with recommendations and action plan for fine-tuning or remodeling of the RF environment (if applicable)

What can you expect from this service?

A detailed analyses report with the status of your Wi-Fi network’s current health recommendations with an action plan to optimize your RF environment (if applicable) for optimal performance and user experience of your wireless clients.
After completing this phase, our WLAN engineer is available for a remote presentation of the gathered results and assists you in the proposed action plan’s further steps.
When wireless problems persist after the validation of your RF environment, the troubleshooting process’s next step is to analyze the upper layers. Additional troubleshooting services in the Optimization phase can be required to tackle these specific types of issues.

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