Verification WLAN RF Design with Troubleshooting

The WLAN Deployment model ensures the right solution for your business and is a blueprint for deploying a Wi-Fi network. We can assist you in every step, from the start of the WLAN RF design to installation, validation, optimization, and auditing, to keep your wireless network healthy and ensure an optimal user experience for all wireless clients.

Troubleshooting (Layer 1)

WLAN troubleshooting starts at Layer 1. We highly recommend a Verification WLAN RF Design with Troubleshooting as the first step in the WLAN troubleshooting process.

The troubleshooting area can be a specific area, floor, or site. The analysis results from this WLAN site survey will give us a better insight if the reported problems are RF (layer-1) related.

Use Case:

You experience issues on your Wi-Fi network!

Onsite Activities:

  • Local Kick-Off meeting (discussing the Wi-Fi issues)
  • Based on the reported issues
  • Determine a PoC zone
  • RF interference measurements (Non-Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi)
  • Visual inspection of the installed access points and antennas
  • Wireless client signal offset measurements
  • Passive Wi-Fi survey and analyses to validate the existing Wi-Fi deployment in the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz band
  • Wi-Fi network scan + Frame Captures
  • Wi-Fi RF remodeling recommendations (if applicable)

Report Deliverables:

  • Executive Summary
  • Interference Analyses (issue area)
  • Spectrum analysis (non-Wi-Fi interference)
  • Wi-Fi interference
  • RF Design Analyses (issue area)
  • Visual inspection (AP installation check-up)
  • Signal Strength, Primary Signal (heat maps-based on wireless devices with issues)
  • Signal Overlap, Secondary Signal (heat maps based on wireless devices with issues)
  • Co-Channel Contention validation (heat maps based on same channel overlap
  • Wi-Fi network scan + Frame Captures (if applicable)
  • Recommendations & action plan (issue area)


Technical project overview in a Teams session.

  • Troubleshooting procedures
  • As-Is situation in the issue zone
  • Action Plan
  • Q&A


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