Wireless devices that don’t perform as expected, nothing can be more annoying when this happens onto your network, especially when these devices are business-critical and might cost you business. The Wi-Fi issue’s underlying cause can be either easy to resolve or sometimes a long, painful track to follow.

RF Related (Layer one) Wi-Fi issues

Wi-Fi – WLAN troubleshooting starts at Layer one; discussing the reported issues and gathering information as accurately as possible is a crucial start. We will most likely recommend a Verification WLAN RF Design as the first step in the WLAN troubleshooting process, which validates Layer one (the RF environment).

If layer one is clean and meets the requested WLAN requirements, we know that Layer one is Okay and will analyze the upper layers if the reported issues persist.

Take note that around 80% of all Wi-Fi anomalies are due to Layer one (RF Related) problems.

Upper Layer Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues in the upper Layers can be experienced as chasing ghosts when not done structured. A strict troubleshooting plan needs to be agreed on in consultation with the customer, Wi-Fi vendor’s TAC team, and the application support team to achieve fast results.

Our Wi-Fi engineers have the experience, and all the necessary professional tools and software to gather and analyze the data on-site, which involves frame captures in the correct scenarios.

When the wireless issue can’t be reproduced, time and resources are crucial for gathering the necessary data for further analyses.

Wi-Fi troubleshooting, verification, and optimization

Regardless of the extent of your Wi-Fi issues, Skyline Networks is the perfect partner for optimizing and validating your complete WLAN infrastructure. Our engineers have experience in researching connectivity problems. We are happy to help you with in-depth Wi-Fi troubleshooting, verification, and optimization. We examine your current Wi-Fi infrastructure and advise on optimization.

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